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Busy time for the Kellermans

Hi everyone: This is a new one for me. My book, Murder 101, is coming out September 2nd, and Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman have co-written a book: It’s entitled The Golem of Hollywood and it’s due out two weeks later in mid-September. So it looks like we may be doing a little PR together. I know we have one signing locked up, I’ll keep you all posted for whatever events we undertake together. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer …

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Los Angeles is in the roasting pan.

It appears that summer has come to LA in April. Temperatures of 90 and upwards. Wow. Maybe it has something to do with the lunar eclipse. Did anyone see it? It looked like a tangerine in the sky. We had just finished seder when it started. It was incredibly beautiful to see the shadows pass over the moon and turn it bright orange. Hope all is well with everyone and I’ll keep you posted on Murder 101.

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