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Hello and welcome everyone to my website. On it, you can order books, find out about my latest events and as always write to me whenever the mood hits. Please be sure to check off the box to be on my mailing list for upcoming news about my appearances and my latest book releases. You can also visit my facebook and join my friends on my fan page.

I want to wish each and everyone of you a very happy holiday season. I know that, with family going in and out including children, grandchildren and many relatives far and wide, it can be a very busy season. The key isn’t just to entertain, it is also to enjoy these fleeting moments. The older you get, the more time disappears.

It’s been a wonderful year for us. Both Jonathan and I will have the pleasure of being at LEFT COAST CRIME – Honolulu Havoc – this year to received a lifetime achievement award. We are both very, very honored and hope to see as many as can make it in March of 2017.

Our newest books’ publication dates are very close this year – winter of 2017. Jon’s newest, Heartbreak Hotel, deals with an old woman living in a lavish hotel room who summons Alex Delaware to her quarters, and peppers him with some very intriguing questions. It is intricately plotted and peopled with some very unique character.

My Decker/Rina book, entitled BONE BOX, continues in the small town of Greenbury where recent digs uncover long buried bodies. I hope you all enjoy the books whether on a beach in Hawaii – haha LEFT COAST CRIME – or curled up by the fireside. I’ve also been editing a new, stand alone novel entitled THE KILLING SEASON and should be out summer 2017. The setting is New Mexico, the characters are different and the plot is…well, you’ll just have to tune in next year to find out.

Jonathan and Jesse have written a terrific new novel entitled CRIME SCENE – featuring a new sleuth in Northern California. A seemly innocent death that turns into something much more complicated and much more deadly. That should be out summer 2017 as well.

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Theory of Death

Theory of Death

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New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman’s beloved Decker and Lazarus have settled into life in quiet upstate New York, but they soon find themselves entangled in a case of underworld crime and calculating murderers.

It has been almost a year since Greenbury’s last murder. Peter Decker, a former Lieutenant for LAPD, has enjoyed the peace and slow pace of his new job with the sleepy upstate police department. The work has kept him engaged but without much stress. All that changes when he receives a phone call from his captain, Mike Radar.

A male body, nude and nameless, is found deep within the local woods. It appears to be a suicide—single shot to the head, gun by his side—but until the coroner makes the final determination, Decker must treat the scene as a suspicious crime. The first thing he must do is identify the body—no easy task because of the small size of the department and lack of personal effects found with the body. But then Decker gets lucky. Out of the blue, Tyler McAdams, a former Greenbury detective and now a first-year law student, calls Decker up, asking him for free room and board while he studies for first-term finals. Of course, once McAdams hears about the intriguing case, his attentions shift from statutes to corpses.

And when the body is finally identified, Decker and McAdams must penetrate into indecipherable upper echelons of mathematics and mathematical prodigies at Kneed Loft College. It turns out to be a dangerous sphere of scheming academics, secret cyphers, and hidden corruption where even harmless nerds can morph into cold, calculating geniuses. Decker and McAdams will have to employ all of their wits and gray matter to penetrate enigmatic formulas and codes to solve a dark, twisted tale created by depraved and evil masterminds.

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Jonathan and I had a wonderful time in the southwest thanks to the Tuscon Book Festival and Poisoned Pen. For those who are interested, autographed books are available at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.

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