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My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I hope that help will be swift and efficient. We plan and try to do our best, but nature has other ideas. I have some books I’d like to donate to library and/or shelters. I do need addresses, so please write if you can help me out with this.

I want to thank all of you for making BONE BOX a New York Times Bestseller – hardcover and combined hardcover and e-books. I write them, but you read them and I am so appreciative to all of you. I finally have a publication date for THE KILLING SEASON. It will be out in e-book format on September 19. We are giving away FREE the first 90 pages of the novel. By then, I hope you’re hooked. It’s one long arch story in three parts, taking place in New Mexico. The central theme revolves around a seventeen-year-old boy, Benjamin Vicksburg, obsessively hunting down his sister’s murderer. Way more to come on that novel.

Jonathan and Jesse have written a terrific new novel entitled CRIME SCENE which became a New York Times Bestseller. It features a new sleuth in Northern California, Clay Edison. A seemly innocent death that turns into something much more complicated and much more deadly. Thank you all for the support.

As we go into fall, into the Jewish Holidays of Awe and Thanksgiving, let’s all remember our blessings however small. If we have health and family, that’s all we need.

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Killing Season

Compelling and sharply written – Booklist

New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman delivers an electrifying novel of suspense as a young man s investigation into his sister s death draws him into the path of a sadistic serial killer.

He went searching for the truth. Now a killer has found him.

The more you know, the more there is to fear.

Three years ago, fifteen-year-old Ellen Vicksburg went missing in the quiet town of River Remez, New Mexico. Ellen was kind, studious, and universally liked. Her younger brother, Ben, could imagine nothing worse than never knowing what happened to her until, on the first anniversary of her death, he found her body in a shallow grave by the river s edge.

Ben, now seventeen, is committed to finding the monster who abducted and strangled Ellen. Police believe she was the victim of a serial killer known as the Demon. But Ben knows better as his keen analytical mind sees patterns that don’t fit the Demon’s homicides. In his sister’s files, Ben notices tiny threads that link to other unsolved murders. As he continues to pore over the evidence at the local police precinct, he gains an unlikely ally: Ro Majors – the new girl at his high school  – who has secrets of her own. As the body count rises, a picture emerges of an adversary who is as cunning and methodical as he is twisted.

Ben’s obsession will mark him as a threat to a killer. And uncovering the truth may not be enough to keep Ben and those he loves safe from a relentless psychopath who has nothing left to lose.”

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Hi Everyone: I just found out I am on the New York Times Bestsellers List for Sunday March 19th. Thank you all so much for coming on the website and your continued support. You are the reason I keep writing

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