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A Message from Faye

Hi Everyone:

Welcome to the website.

I hope this finds everyone in a good place both in body and mind. I also hope that all of you had a wonderful Memorial holiday.  Wherever you are, I hope things are easing up and the curve is flattening. All these words and phrases that just a few months ago were foreign to all of us: flattened curve, social distance, herd immunity, remdisivir, etc. My best wishes to all of you. 

It isn’t the first panic, I’ve witnessed in sixty-seven years. I remember the oil crises, the gold crises, real estate failures and stock market crashes. I remember bird flu and swine flu. I remember SARS and MERS and Ebola  and Marburg and all the other crises where we people have risen above and found solutions.  

HOWEVER, this is my first pandemic and it’ been an eye opener. Learned a lot about myself. I’m doing okay.

I am lucky enough to have a profession that is solitary. No mask and gloves needed. I type away. Maybe I type away a little bit more since I don’t go anywhere. I  tend my garden. The flowers never looked so good. I do my puzzles, I walk my dog, and I read.

But I miss PEOPLE. I miss socializing with friends – the jokes and the laughter. I miss going to our synagogue and gossiping when I should be paying attention to other things. I miss shopping in a store where a salesperson helps me find the right size. I miss going to my hairdresser to rinse away my gray or going to the nail salon for a quick moment of bliss. I miss all of our regulars in hospitality – restaurants, bars, hotels. I feel for those who have been furloughed or worse, won’t come back to a job. We are thinking about you. Maybe that’s cold comfort, but it really is true. I know some states are opening up. Please have fun, but please be careful. We do care.

I wish every one a safe and healthy summer.  Nature throws us some curve balls, but just step outside and listen to the birds and the insects. Breathe in the air. Look out at the flowers and plants and see that the sun is still shining. Go out for a walk at night and look up at an infinite starlit sky.

It’s a beautiful world out there.


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