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A Message from Faye

Hi Everyone:

Welcome, welcome to my new website. I am thrilled about the new look and how easy it will be to communicate with all of you.  Please, please, please. If you’re interested in receiving my bimonthly newsletter, subscribe to it down below. I’ll be telling you what’s new in my life in a little bit more detail than the home page. I may even add a picture or two. Also, you can follow my website on your phone. Just open it up in your browser and see all my latest misadventures!

Yes, I’ve have indeed been working on a book due out next summer.  Been working hard on it for the last months but it seems life is giving me some pause.  A new grandchild on the way and a bat mitzvah of my oldest grandchild, Lila.

The new book is entitled, THE LOST BOYS and it’s a Peter Decker, Rina Lazarus novel dealing with loss and redemption, a common theme in my novels. I try to make each one different and of course, new characters always change the feeling and pathways of my writing. Peter and Rina are such wonderful people. They really are alive to me and dictate the course of the story.

Again, if you wish to receive updates and my news letter, please subscribe.

And I want to hear from you.

In the meantime, have a glorious summer.


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