Faye Kellerman

New York Times Bestselling Crime Author

A Message from Faye

Hi Everyone:

Welcome to the website. I’ll update it in a few weeks. In the meantime, I want to wish all of you health. In these trying times, we are resourceful, competent and we will all get through this with grace and dignity.

It isn’t the first panic, I’ve witnessed in sixty-seven years. I remember the oil crises, the gold crises, real estate failures and stock market crashes. I remember bird flu and swine flu. I remember SARS and MERS and Ebola and all the other crises where we people have risen above and found solutions. The sun will come up tomorrow.

I am writing and reading. I exercise and walk the dog. I’m cooking a lot. It’s a good life and everyday I wake up, I’m grateful.

Please stay safe and hopefully by the summer, we’ll all feel better


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