June 27, 2014

Busy time for the Kellermans

Hi everyone:

This is a new one for me. My book, Murder 101, is coming out September 2nd, and Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman have co-written a book: It’s entitled The Golem of Hollywood and it’s due out two weeks later in mid-September. GOLEM JPEGSo it looks like we may be doing a little PR together. I know we have one signing locked up, I’ll keep you all posted for whatever events we undertake together.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer vacation and keep those letters coming! I read them all.


April 30, 2014

Los Angeles is in the roasting pan.

It appears that summer has come to LA in April. Temperatures of 90 and upwards. Wow.
Maybe it has something to do with the lunar eclipse. Did anyone see it? It looked like a tangerine in the sky. We had just finished seder when it started. It was incredibly beautiful to see the shadows pass over the moon and turn it bright orange.

Hope all is well with everyone and I’ll keep you posted on Murder 101.

April 25, 2014

Special offer on GUN GAMES

Hello Everyone:

For a limited time only, download Gun Games for just $1.99 at the Amazon’s Kindle store! Gun Games showcases Peter Decker of the LAPD and Rina Lazarus, arguably the most popular husband and wife team in contemporary crime fiction, and features psychopath Chris Donatti and his son Gabe. This e-book download also includes an excerpt from my forthcoming novel, Murder 101.

Download your copy today:

February 10, 2014

Killer by Jonathan Kellerman NYT bestseller

Congratulations to Jonathan on a Killer debut: #2 NY Times. It’s a terrific read and especially good under a blanket on these cold winter nights.



January 27, 2014

Download Ritual Bath at $1.99

Dear Readers:

I am thrilled to announce an $1.99 e-book promotion for The Ritual Bath 1/27 through 3/3. This is the FIRST Peter Decker/Lazarus book and I’m delighted to offer it to you at this special price.

This is across the board promotion with all e-retailers. Look for it on the Harpercollins “Monthly Deal” page at and it should have links to your favorite e-outlet

Amazon is also doing a special promotion with the book. The link should be up by January 28th.

All the best


January 2, 2014

GUILT is out in paperback

For all of you Alex Delaware/Milo Sturgis fans, GUILT is now out in paperback. As a bonus, it includes an excerpt from the new Delaware novel, KILLER, due out at the end of February.



November 11, 2013

contact me

Hi Everyone:

Happiest of Holidays to all of you.

I’d like to thank all of you for signing up for the newsletter. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting recipes on my facebook and website. I’d love to hear any recipes that you or your family members have used throughout the years. It’s all about sharing right.

This year Thanksgiving and Channukah fall out on the same day – a rarity indeed. I’m thinking about sweet potato latkes and pumpkin sugar doughnuts. Any of you have some thoughts?

Finally, I’ll be posting some specials regarding the books that are due to take between Christmas and New Years.

As always, happy reading! And if any of you have questions you want answered, as always contact me at

Thanks so much and happy reading


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October 23, 2013

Busy at work

I’ve been musing about why writing another book seems so daunting even after twenty plus years career as a novelist. I think it’s because I’ve used up so many ideas, characters and plots, that to be truly original, I’ve got to dig deep. Then something comes out of nowhere. Another idea that had been buried in the sulci on my brain, unearths itself. Of course, ideas aren’t novels. But that’s where the fun comes in – the crafting of a book. I guess I’ll keep doing it as long as I can and as long as you out there want to read them.

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September 22, 2013

Back at work

It was a wonderful summer for us. Thanks again for your support for THE BEAST.

Got some work done, not as much as I would have liked, but whose fault was that? Now I’m back in front of my computer, typing away, getting my characters into all sorts of trouble.

Jon and I took a brief cruise on the Baltic, the ship stopping for three days in St. Petersburg, Russia. Never been there before and the scale of the city is truly overwhelming. I referred to it as Park Avenue on Steroids. What was truly amazing was that so much of the city including the Hermitage was bombed to near oblivion during WWII and rebuilt to scale and detail after the war. Lots of history and I love history although I must confess that I spent a lot of my time trying to read the Cyrillic alphabet. I’ll post a picture or two once I figure out how to do it.

Anyway have a great autumn and thanks so much for signing up for my newsletter.

Jon & I in a little room in Russia.

Jon & I in a little room in Russia.

September 1, 2013

Thank you to all my fans

Just a quick note to thank you all for your support of THE BEAST. Sales have been great and it’s all because of you.

Working hard on my next Decker/Lazarus Novel. Over the summer, I’ve also completed a stand alone book. More to come on that.

And for all of you Alex Delaware/Milo Sturgis fans, you might find them on the small screen sooner than you think.

All the best and feel free to write if you have any questions.