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Serpent’s Tooth

SERPENT’S TOOTH is the ninth novel feature Decker and Rina. It explores one of my favorite themes, family pathology. When an elegant restaurant is shot up by unknown assailants, Decker must not only find out who did such a heinous crime, but the reasons behind it. Unable to get to his prime suspect, Decker enlists a little help from his friends.


“Serpent’s Tooth is something of a surprise because Faye Kellerman’s mysteries are usually so upfront and personal…. here she deviates from her formula by putting Decker in charge of a mass murder at a fashionable L.A. eatery. The scope of the investigation is broad and the moralizing is kept to a minimum, giving Decker a rare chance to do some solid police work.”—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

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Jonathan and I will be in New York for the Celebration of Jewish books at Temple Emanu-el on Sunday, March 11th We’ll be speaking at 11 in the morning and signing books at 2:30 that same afternoon. Come join us

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Thanks to everyone who came out to Left Coast Crime in Honolulu. A special thanks to Gay Gale for a fabulous convention And a heartfelt thanks for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Pictures to follow

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