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Milk and Honey

MILK AND HONEY goes back to my series character, number 3 if you’re counting. Decker finds a child wandering loose and alone in the middle of the night. His investigations points him to the discovery of the tot’s murdered parents and some very strange people in a rural bee keeping community. While researching this novel, I learned how beekeepers use smoke to get bees to leave their hives. This information came in very handy when I discovered that bees had set up shop in my fireplace.


“Hits all its targets. Dead on.” – People

“Faye Kellerman’s best novel to date. Deeper, richer, more emotionally complex.” – James Ellroy, author of L.A. Confidential

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Extraordinary Jewish Women

Here is the link to an interview I did with Risa Borsykowsky for Extraordinary Jewish Women. I hope you enjoy the talk http://extraordinaryjewishwomen.com/FK or https://goo.gl/grW3ew    

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Jonathan and I will be in New York for the Celebration of Jewish books at Temple Emanu-el on Sunday, March 11th We’ll be speaking at 11 in the morning and signing books at 2:30 that same afternoon. Come join us

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